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How To Checkout

Welcome to Danfore Online. Shopping is easy, convenient and secure. Simply select the product you want to purchase and follow the instructions below:

Step One:
Rollover a product image and click on the Add to cart button. Select your desired color , size or form as relevant and then click “add to
cart ”.

For additional product information, how-to videos and related links, click on the product name or view details link. From the product detail page select “add to
cart ” to place the item in your cart.

Step Two:
When you've completed shopping, click the shopping
cart icon found on each page or click the Checkout button that will be displayed each time you add an item to your cart along with the details for that item.

Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed through the checkout process. Please note that you may change the contents of your shopping
cart including the quantity during checkout prior to clicking on Submit Order.

Step Three:
After your order has been submitted, a "Thank You" page will be displayed confirming that your order was received. An email confirming receipt of your order will also be sent shortly after your order was submitted. If an order confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours after submission, please contact us by phone at  0086-135-9032-4017 or via email for assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns when placing an order or if you wish to inquire about a previously placed order, please call Clinique Online Customer Service at
0086-135-9032-4017 or Contact Us. For fastest service, please have your order number available.

Click on the shopping bag icon to display your shopping
cart with the list of the items selected for purchase, the selected quantities of each, and the total cost of the purchase. You may remove items or change the quantities ordered in this area.

If you wish to delete an item in your Shopping cart, simply go to “View
cart ” and select the "Remove" link below the product name. The item will be removed from your shopping cart.